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Welding Apparel & Welding
Safety Products Guardian Safety is a market leader in protective apparel for welders and we have been supplying Australian industry since 1974. Guardian Safety offers a vast range of welding garments made from various materials to take care of welders in all kinds of conditions.

If you are stick, MIG or TIG welding, working outdoors, indoors, or in a confined space we have the protection you need from our range of welding jackets, coats, trousers, sleeves, hoods, knee pads, leggings and spats made from chrome or premium leathers and Proban® flame retardant (FR) cotton drill. We can also supply a combination of leather and Proban® flame retardant (FR) cotton drill to meet your work place requirements.

Custom Manufactured Welding Apparel and Safety Products
Guardian Safety can work with you to manufacture welding apparel to meet the requirements of the end user. For example, we can add leather to the front of a Proban® welding jacket to provide added protection in areas that are subject to welding spatter and dross which will extend the life of the garment.