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Heat Protective Gloves and Mitts - Aluminised

Personal Protective Products

Aramid Fibre (Kevlar®)
Aramid fibre is used to manufacture heat and abrasion resistant fabrics known as the Fortamid range. These fabrics are used to make protective suits, aprons, leggings, gloves and mitts, which are hard wearing and protect against conductive and radiant heat.
Aramid offers excellent abrasion and flame resistance. It does not melt or support combustion and starts to carbonise at approx 430ºC.
For increased heat protection, aramid fibre is combined with glass filament. This yarn is made by spinning aramid around high temperature glass filament and is suitable for contact applications at temperatures up to 180ºC for long term exposure and 450ºC for short term exposure (such as handling hot objects).

Fortamid fabrics are available in four styles;
Woven Fortamid (Aramid Woven) - is a high performance woven composite fabric that is rated at 450ºC for short term contact use.

Needlefelt Fortamid (Aramid Felt) - is a 100% aramid needled fabric. It has good cut and slash resistance and is light and comfortable to wear. This fabric will start to carbonise at approx 430ºC.

Loop Pile Fortamid (Aramid Loop Pile) - is 100% aramid also known as terry-pile. It has the best cut and slash resistance properties and is the most suitable product for sharp working environments.

Aluminised Fortamid (Aluminised Aramid) - The highly aluminised surface reflects over 90% of radiant heat away from both the base fabric and the high temperature adhesive. This allows the wearer maximum protection from a lightweight flexible garment.